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“When I tilted the scale at 306 lbs., I knew I had to do something.”

I am thrilled with my body and how I look.” Sue Marchelits

Sue began her Ideal Protein weight loss journey on July 7, 2012.  She explains it as "fate."  Earlier in the Spring of 2012, Sue became ill with pneumonia.  At that time, she learned from her blood work that she had become pre diabetic.   At 240 lbs. she knew she needed to lose weight, but never imagined she would develop diabetes. Her doctor gave her an ultimatum - lose 100 lbs or spend a life on diabetes medication. Sue promptly met with a nutritionist who was entirely unsympathetic and rude. As Sue left the nutritionist's office she ran into a friend she had not seen in years; a friend who at one time weighed 350 lbs.  Sue was amazed, she barely recognized her friend, she was thin, young looking, transformed.  Her friend was an Ideal Protein dieter. 

That was all the encouragement Sue needed.  She met with Leslie, and explained that she would be at the beach for a month with friends and family surrounded by food and drink. She would wait until after that to start the diet.  Leslie's response, "But if you started the diet now, you could be 20 lbs. lighter in that amount of time."  Sue started that day.

Five weeks later, Sue had lost 23.5 lbs. She returned to her doctor for blood work and found that she was no longer diabetic.  She was never hungry and now says, "I am thrilled with my body and how I look.  I learned how to cook healthy and how to eat to live, not live to eat." Since then Sue has referred her son, her daughter, 2 brothers and her sister-in-law to idealNOW.  They are all successful, losing a combined 200lbs. and are loving their return to health and vitality.


“Leslie, I wanted to thank you for all your help.” Larry

Your support and the Ideal Protein program have literally changed my life.

I've been on every type of diet and exercise program in the past, and nothing has come even close to helping me achieve the results I've seen over the past five months,

Aside from the incredible weight loss (72 pounds), I sleep better, snore less, feel more energized, enjoy exercise more and on top of all that, I've changed my eating habits!

Your support has been a big part of the overall success and I wanted to thank you!

Warmest regards,


“The pounds just melted off. ” Alex Malecki

Alex started the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method in July 2012. By Christmas he had lost 95 lbs. By the end of January, a total of 102 lbs.

The secret to his success? His sincere commitment.

Starting with weight loss camp in the 4th grade and Weight Watchers in other years Alex has lived the yo-yo syndrome of gaining and losing. This past July, at his father’s urgings, Alex stepped on the scale;  310 pounds - it was a shocker and Alex decided to take action.

Alex’s parents had learned about  the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method from a friend. Within the first week Alex lost over 10 lbs and continued to lose an average 4 lbs. a week.“My energy has never been higher,” explained Alex.  “I used to be a caffeine junkie, drinking coffees and colas all day just to get through the day. Lugging around all that extra weight was exhausting.”

As a socially active twenty six year old, Alex was worried that temporarily giving up alcohol (a prerequisite of the program) would be difficult. To the contrary, what he has found is that not drinking alcohol provides him with a conversation starter, particularly when people hear about his spectacular success.  As he happily reveals, “Now the girls are asking me for my number.”